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Marketing Hacks


Getting the Consumer’s Attention

The way that consumers interact with marketing advances has changed in the last few years. One of the primary goals of the sales and marketing teams are to find new prospects and convert them into customers. This has become difficult, though, as the consumer population has become resistant to advertising in traditional marketing methods. People are becoming very savvy in their tactics for getting away from advertising. They are using things like add blocks or fast-forwarding through TV commercials, which has created a challenge for sellers to get their message to consumers. Jamie Turner, interviewed by John Golden, explores specific marketing hacks that you can do to get people to engage with your brand and ultimately buy your product.

This expert sales & marketing interview explores marketing hacks:

  • Nonlinear Marketing
  • How to Market on a Budget
  • Creating authenticity in marketing

Nonlinear Marketing:

Traditional marketing is very linear and in your face. Nonlinear marketing is a new era of communicating with prospects that weaves the fabric of the brand into the consumer’s life. Instead of interrupting the consumer with a 30 second TV commercial or video, you’re instead becoming part of the consumer’s life so that it’s a seamless experience. They are participating in the brand’s life, and the brand is participating in the consumer’s life, and the result is that it doesn’t feel like advertising or marketing. It’s connecting with people, as opposed to shouting at people.

Marketing on a Budget:

Marketing might be a concern for smaller companies with smaller budgets. But, the more experiential, engaged form of linear marketing is easier to do with a smaller budget than the more passive linear marketing. For example, you can host events around town, use sidewalk chalk to send messages, or create another method of advertising where people see a new, novel thing to engage with. Do things that are innovative, interesting, positive, and different. It’s not about the amount of money you spend, it’s about the breakthrough ideas that you have, and using them to seamlessly engage with the consumers.

Authenticity in Marketing:

Particularly in today’s’ environment, people are looking for authenticity, not salesmanship. The idea of being loud and selling to someone isn’t effective. An authentic, participatory environment where buyers can become part of the brand resonates with consumers and works for businesses. One company that did this effectively is RedBull. They disregarded traditional marketing in exchange for hosting events, sponsoring sports teams, and publishing music. They also hosted an air race event. This event was created not just to slap their logo on an activity, but instead to create something that was adrenaline inducing, unique, and that resonated with their target market. It was more than just sponsoring an event; it was building an event around their consumer and the goals of their consumer.

Getting Started:

It’s difficult to think about how to take marketing to the next level when it’s already a struggle to finish your current to-do list. To adopt linear marketing, start small. The goal is to set up a series of meetings where you have a team that starts brainstorming ideas. This can be a low-pressure meeting where the goal is to just get options onto the table. Even if most of the brainstorming isn’t useful, there will be a few stand out ideas that can eventually percolate into something more tangible.

To learn more about marketing hacks and integrating nonlinear marketing, watch the full expert sales interview.

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Jamie Turner is an internationally recognized author and national TV news contributor who has helped The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, Holiday Inn, and other global brands solve complex marketing and business problems. He has been profiled in one of the world's best selling marketing textbooks and can be seen on CNN and HLN.

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