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Increase Conversions with Marketing and CRM
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Increase Conversions with Marketing and CRM

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CRM and Marketing Campaigns: Using them Together to Get Conversions

A well-developed and well-executed marketing campaign can make great positive contributions to your business and to its overall brand. However, when putting the campaign together, things can quickly become overwhelming, and maybe even a real challenge. What type of content should the campaign include? On what platforms should the campaign run? Who exactly is it that the campaign needs to market to?
These questions along with many others are known to flood the minds of a marketer working to put together an effective campaign. However, with the help of a CRM, these issues can be avoided. In using a CRM for your business, you are provided with tools necessary to know more about your target audience and to be better able to cater your marketing campaign to them. On average, for every dollar a business spends on CRM, they get $5.60 in return. Get more of the conversions that your business wants and needs!

When used with marketing campaigns, CRM allows your business to…

Target the right customer base

  • Makes it easier to review/analyze data

CRM software allows your business to gather and keep all of its information pertaining to customers together in one place. By having this data organized and easily accessible, it is much quicker and more simple to review it and to analyze what it all means in order to make well-informed marketing decisions.

  • Customer information available that leads to easier decision-making

These well-informed decisions mentioned above can be made because of the consumer information that is available to a business through its CRM software. In being able to see the purchase history and various metrics pertaining to a customer, your business is better able to determine who specifically to market to with its campaigns and how exactly to do so.


  • Allows you to be more proactive rather than reactive

Being proactive rather than reactive allows your business to have a better chance at getting things right the first time instead of after an initial attempt. WIth a CRM software that provides your business with a clear picture of the whole sales process, you can see how people go about making the decision to buy from you (where they access your brand online, how much of your content they engage with and for how long, etc.).

Any brand can have something (be it positive or negative) happen to them or happen within the market and then react to it. However, not everyone can successfully take a proactive marketing approach, and because of that, the brands that can are in turn able to set themselves apart from the competition.

  • Segment more specifically and in-depth

Segmenting customers according to classifications such as age or gender can be helpful, but they are not ones that are necessarily specific enough to prove significant in crafting your marketing campaign strategy. Without the right data on your customer base, your business will end up sending the same messaging to each consumer rather than actually personalizing content for them that will give them what they want and are interested in.

Create and provide better content

  • More personalized content

With the information on customers that a CRM retains for you, your business can personalize its campaign content for its actual customers, rather than using the same thing to attempt to market to everyone. Your CRM allows your business to send its marketing emails addressed to each individual, to send them the content designed how your business thinks better relates to their gender, or even to craft your content so that it caters to the job that the consumer has.

  • Increase customer response rates

In addition to getting consumers to engage more with your brand and its campaign, content that is personalized for them due to the help of CRM also increases their response rates. Of marketing agencies, 70 percent of them report increased response rates as the number one benefit of personalized campaigns.


  • Increased brand identity, exposure, and recognition

Through the generation of quality content that CRM helps you to produce for your audience, your brand is able to build itself up. The more content you are able to publish, the more exposure for your brand throughout the Web and the more opportunities for consumers to engage with it and recognize it in the future.

By allowing your brand to get a better idea of what it customer base wants and needs, CRM helps you to develop the best content that further establishes your brand identity and that makes a connection with the consumer.

  • Giving value to each consumer, leading to more engagement

The more your brand is able to personalize its campaign content with the help of its CRM, the more value they are able to give to each customer. The more personalized content is and the more that it is generally perceived as relatable to the customer, the more that customer will engage with it and connect with your brand.

In helping you to create more effective content for your marketing campaign, your CRM also allows you to effectively put your brand across multiple online platforms. Plus, you can use it to direct consumers to other pieces of your online presence. Get attention to brandable elements of your online presence (like your domain name, blog, or newsletter) and further develop your identity in the minds of consumers.

  • Conversions from existing and new customers

Whether a consumer who encounters your marketing campaign is one who is already a customer of your brand or is one who was previously unfamiliar with you, the contributions that CRM makes to your campaign can get them to become conversions for your bottom line.

With the use of a CRM tool, your business can noticeably improve the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns. Utilize its power to better know your customers, and as a result cater your content to them in a way that promotes engagement with your brand and gets conversions for your business.

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