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How to Generate Consistent Leads & Sales with YouTube Ads (video)


Many people don’t understand the power of YouTube, and there are sales and business people out there who are not taking advantage of this platform. YouTube is the second largest search engine, and it’s used by people who want to buy your product or service every single day. A study done by Google found that 68% of people make purchase decisions based on YouTube videos. Think about the last time you bought a new smartphone or a new car. Did you watch video reviews? For many people, the answer is yes. YouTube can create growth for your business, not just in the product space, but also for coaches, leaders, consultants, and other service providers by reaching people where they’re searching, as opposed to reaching them where they’re just browsing. Aleric Heck, interviewed by John Golden, explains how to make YouTube work for your business.

This expert sales interview explores:

  • How to create a winning YouTube ad
  • How to create a winning campaign

Creating a Winning YouTube Ad:

When creating a YouTube ad, you have the benefit of time on your side. A longer ad is going to work better for the majority of products or services that you’re selling. You don’t have the time constraint of a 30 or 60-second commercial. Ads should start with a hook to capture people’s attention and pull them in.

Creating a Winning Campaign:

The most scalable campaigns are a combination of demographics, the larger keyword of interest, and then layer in interest and affinities based on Google search habits. This will allow you to reach the right person and scale the campaigns you create. This approach is uniquely available to those who utilize YouTube.

Our Host

John is the Amazon bestselling author of Winning the Battle for Sales: Lessons on Closing Every Deal from the World’s Greatest Military Victories and Social Upheaval: How to Win at Social Selling. A globally acknowledged Sales & Marketing thought leader, speaker, and strategist, he has conducted over 1500 video interviews of thought leaders for Sales POP! online sales magazine & YouTube Channel and for audio podcast channels where Sales POP! is rated in the top 2% of most popular shows out of 3,320,580 podcasts globally, ranked by Listen Score. He is CSMO at Pipeliner CRM. In his spare time, John is an avid Martial Artist.

About Author

Aleric started out on YouTube 10 years ago by building the largest app review channel on the platform, AppFind, with over 400k subscribers. He discovered the power of YouTube Ads 5 years ago and ran highly profitable campaigns for dozens of companies all over the world. Now, he helps entrepreneurs & marketers harness the power of YouTube Ads to grow & scale their businesses through AdOutreach.


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