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Delivering Innovative Service


Delivering innovative service doesn’t have to mean spending a ton of money to upgrade a frequent flyer to first class, or upgrade a hotel guest to a suite. Delivering innovative service simply means being unique and going above and beyond what is expected of you.

This expert sales interview explores:

  • Kaleidoscope: Delivering Innovative Service that Sparkles
  • Loyalty
  • Grace Honoring Your Customer

Service that Sparkles

Service that sparkles is about “value unique.” Most organizations know they are supposed to exceed the customer’s expectations. Rather than focusing on value added, value unique is going somewhere that the customer never expected. Rather than just being generous, you are being genius and doing something different, unique, and surprise them because it’s not what they thought. Bell reflects on when his wife traded in her car, and the dealer programmed the radio stations with the presets from her old car. There is a limit to generosity, but no limit to enginuity.


One of the most important parts about loyalty is that it’s not actually about recommending an organization, it’s about if you would tell a story about it. The deepest sense of advocacy is when someone tells a story about you. Unfortunately, people are predisposed to the idea that something is going to upset them, so it’s the little surprises that can have such an outsized impact because they go against the expectation.

Grace Honoring Your Customer

Grace can be thought of in two ways: faith and artistic ability. Grace in an organization is about bringing and sense of character to what you do. A sense of obvious integrity to what you do. Oftentimes it is even caring deeply about your clients. Bell shares about a pizza joint in Philadelphia that has a “pay it forward” system in place for homeless people. There are thousands of people that have paid for slices of pizza for someone less fortunate and the graceful side is people of all financial backgrounds coming together and enjoying a slice of pizza together.

To learn more about how to deliver innovative service, watch the entire expert sales interview. If you would like to read one of Chip’s books, they are available on Amazon.

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