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Where a Great Sales Strategy Begins
Off the Cuff / Sales Management / Oct 12, 2017 / Posted by Alice Heiman / 4795

Where a Great Sales Strategy Begins


Off the Cuff Interview Question: Where does a great sales strategy begin?

A great sales strategy begins with the company leaders sharing the same vision and understanding what it will take to get the results they need. The strategy must be based on a goal that was set using information about the market and understanding what budget it will take to get the market share desired.

Too many times company leaders have unrealistic expectations. They don’t take the time to set a strategy. They throw out numbers and deploy tactics. This is why so many companies miss their forecasts. Instead of determining what it would take to have a strong strategy, they blame the lack of sales they need on the salespeople.

A strong strategy, followed by great tactics, deployed by well trained and coached salespeople is a winner.

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