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Organizational Design


Organization design involves the options and implications around how to make sound decisions to structure your organization. Amy discusses how in the past organizations were fairly simple. Today, leaders and leadership teams can make a smart decision about their organizational structure to grow so people can come to work and do their best.

Sales Expert interview covers:

  • What is organizational design
  • Move from structure to execution without parts
  • Organizations transition into increased AI
  • Flexibility and fluidity is not chaos

What do you mean by organizational design:

Consider how you want to configure your organization so that people can connect the right way in every way (horizontal and vertically). An organizational structure set after organizational strategy to design how to get work done. Organizational design should match the complexity of the organization strategy.

What happens when an organizational structure moves from strategy to execution without the design part.

Organic organizational structure often starts with the people rather than the process taking a strategy directly to organizational chart; designing around people and the people that we have as opposed to an organizational model that can last. By starting with the organizational strategy and look at capability, what is the model we want to organize toward and then let’s build a road map to get there?

How do you help organizations with the transition with of increased of artificial Intelligence, bots, how to combine it with the people:

A strategy is still important. Old business models are being challenged. Create organizations that can sense the environment. Make good decisions around a portfolio of opportunities.

How do you take a very traditional organization to be more flexible and fluid?

Flexibility and fluidity is not chaos. More leadership, more discipline more process in order to be fast and adaptable. It has to start from the top as well as from the bottom. An organizational capability is something that is done together over time.

Leadership of the past transitioning to organizational design:

Modern leadership is not an abdication of decision making. The change is not command and control and tell me what to do but rather providing the framework so that employees can come to work to spend their energy in the right way. The speed of expectation has changed. Pressure to make good fast decision is what drives organizational change. How do we reconfigure to get the right connections to make better faster decisions?

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