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The Lazy Way to Consistently Generate Sales Qualified Leads
Blog / Sales Management / Dec 7, 2015 / Posted by Marylou Tyler / 4905

The Lazy Way to Consistently Generate Sales Qualified Leads

So which term grabbed you?  Was it “lazy” or was it “consistently generate sales qualified leads (also known as SQLs)”?

And what on earth does “lazy” have to do with “consistency”?

The answer lies in a term you’ve probably heard of, but may not be using to your advantage…


Day-in-the-life Divides Your Sales Day into Chunks

Rather than strict adherence to the time on the clock, the day-in-the-life method puts you in complete control of your sales day. You simply:

Reserve one of those chunks in your day-in the-life for SQL building.

How much time to allocate depends on your particular formula for generating SQLs.

Let’s now revisit the formula for building SQLs…

High Quality SQLs

The straight-forward formula for consistently generating high-quality sales qualified leads:

  • prospect into high revenue accounts (the ones that add oomph and bust through your quota)
  • start conversations with people you don’t know and pull them through the pipeline if they’re a fit
  • generate a boat-load of sales qualified opportunities each month, month over month

The sales professionals who consistently generate sales qualified leads have one thing in common. They use day-in-the-life and…

set block time for prospecting

If you’re wondering how setting block-time for prospecting relates to the word ‘lazy’ (in the headline of this post), let’s examine that forthwith…


Block time for prospecting means you’re including an uninterrupted chunk of time to prospect in your daily schedule.

Uninterrupted. Do Not Disturb. Do Not Break Up. Perform Start to Finish.

Tip: Best practice – work up to an uninterrupted block time for prospecting of…

2 hours per day.


Here’s the lazy part.
Two hours per day.
Of your entire day!
That’s 25% of a typical 8 hour work-day.

Two hours

Two hours generates:

  • 5 meaningful conversations (roughly 2-4 connects each hour) which equals (the Predictable Revenue formula – which by the way still holds 12 happily years after)…
  • 100 meaningful conversations a month (average 22 business days each month)
  • 10-15 solid qualification calls a month (urgency, need, timing, money discussions)
  • 8-10 sales qualified leads a month (of which 90+% are accepted into the forecast-able pipeline)
  • 2 closed deals a month

Get what matters done by scheduling day-in-the-life block times. And executing. Habitually.

To be successful in generating qualified sales leads (or building a business, or finding new business, or whatever it is you want to excel at):

  • Master the Habit
  • Habit builds skills
  • Mastering skills makes them automatic
  • Automatic breeds consistency

And consistency means record-breaking SQL numbers.

The lazy way.

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