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🎧  Why is Financial Literacy More Important Than Ever
Podcast Leadership / PodCast / Jul 28, 2023 / Posted by Vince Shorb / 22

🎧 Why is Financial Literacy More Important Than Ever


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Vince Shorb, the founder of the National Finance Educators Council. They discuss the importance of financial literacy and the need for accessible financial education in today’s world. Vincent shares his organization’s mission to combat the financial literacy epidemic by providing education to all ages and partnering with financial services businesses. They also discuss the benefits and risks of aligning with a cause or nonprofit organization, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and vetting potential partners. The episode concludes with Vincent inviting interested individuals to connect with him and John expressing his appreciation for the work of the National Finance Educators Council.

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About Author

Vince Shorb is one of the country’s leading advocates for promoting financial wellness and creating partnerships with financial service providers that increase access to financial education programming among individuals, while also helping financial service businesses build clientele. After spending 15 years in financial services working one-on-one with more than 20,000 people, he founded the National Financial Educators Council – an organization dedicated to combating the financial illiteracy epidemic. He is the current CEO of the NFEC, an IACET Accredited company and a Certified B Corporation. He has led financial education program development with 3 of the top 20 (in revenue) financial service companies in the US and built personal finance programming that has been used by over 1,400 financial services organization clients of all sizes. Shorb works with financial service providers on aligning their social impact objectives with their business goals.


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