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🎧  What It Takes To Build A Business and Sell It
Podcast Leadership / PodCast / Jul 30, 2021 / Posted by Ciara Stockeland / 1009

🎧 What It Takes To Build A Business and Sell It


How to go from selling rocks to building and selling businesses? In this Expert Insight Interview, we welcome Ciara Stockeland, founder of the Boutique Box, the wholesale subscription box for boutique owners, and mentor in charge of the Boutique Workshop.

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About Author

Serial entrepreneur and fashion maven, Ciara Stockeland has owned and operated businesses since her early teens. In 1993 Ciara created the Third Street Acting Company. In 2006 she opened her first retail store Mama Mia, a high-end maternity boutique. Shortly after, Ciara opened a MODE. Most recently she launched btqBOX.


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