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🎧  What Business Owners Doing In This Economy
Podcast Leadership / PodCast / Nov 19, 2022 / Posted by Dina Buchanan / 18

🎧 What Business Owners Doing In This Economy


Dina Buchanan began investing in real estate in 2002. She and her husband founded lifeworks ink, a residential firm where they began building, refurbishing, purchasing, maintaining, and disposing of single-family houses. Dina has led various entrepreneur ventures, including residential and capabilities ventures and, finally, realistic commercial firms. In today’s expert insight interview, John and Dina discuss “What Business Owners Doing In This Economy In Order To Not Just Survive But To Succeed and Thrive.”

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About Author

Dina Buchanan is the Director of Investor Relations at PCRP Group, a company that offers direct access to tax-advantaged, passive income commercial real estate investments. PCRP Group invests in high-demand multifamily housing communities by choosing climate-resilient markets, which can give investors more layers of investment security and, ultimately, greater returns. Dina has over 19 years of experience investing in both residential and commercial properties in the United States and internationally, and has acquired roughly $200 million in assets under management.


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