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🎧  Unlocking the Secrets of Buyer Personas in a Downturn Economy
Podcast Sales and Marketing / PodCast / Jun 2, 2023 / Posted by Jim Kraus / 29

🎧 Unlocking the Secrets of Buyer Personas in a Downturn Economy


In this podcast episode, John Golden and Jim Karrh discuss the importance of understanding buyer personas and their buying decisions during a recession or downturn. They emphasize the need to revisit buyer personas regularly and talk to recent buyers to inform marketing and sales decisions. Jim Karrh suggests conducting interviews to understand the entire buyer journey and listen for areas such as priorities, success factors, perceived barriers, and decision criteria. Both speakers stress the importance of understanding buyers as people and the dynamic nature of buyer journeys. They also discuss how often to update buyer personas, depending on the market.

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About Author

Jim is the President of Buyer Persona Institute (BPI) and a leading authority on buyer personas and buying insights. BPI’s buyer persona research and workshop methodologies have become the gold standard for thousands of marketers in hundreds of companies worldwide that rely on these studies to reveal everything a prospective buyer needs to know and experience to have confidence in their solution. Marketers use these insights to develop strategies and messaging that drive more leads, improve conversion rates, and helps sales hit their numbers.


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