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🎧  Unlocking the Power of Negotiation Intelligence in B2B Sales
Podcast Sales Negotiation / PodCast / May 15, 2024 / Posted by Blair Siegler / 16

🎧 Unlocking the Power of Negotiation Intelligence in B2B Sales


In this podcast episode, John Golden from Sales POP Online Sales Magazine and Pipeline CRM interviews Blair Siegler, CEO and founder of Quantico. They discuss the role of negotiation intelligence in B2B sales, focusing on how discounts and concessions affect profitability. Blair shares insights from his time at Meta, emphasizing the importance of a value exchange in negotiations. They explore how Quantico helps sales teams understand the impact of their discounting strategies, using data to improve margins by 3-4%. The conversation also covers the disconnect between sales and the rest of the organization and the power of visualizations in making data actionable for sales teams.

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About Author

Blair is the founder and CEO of QuantDisco (Q/D), a negotiation intelligence platform for B2B sales teams. Imagine a platform where you can understand the true impact of your discounts/concessions and how effective they are during negotiations. Think: What is our success rate when discounting by xyz% as far as closed/won, post-go-live success, etc., macro-level or by product line? Before Q/D, Blair spent almost 9 years at Meta (formerly Facebook, Instagram), where she worked across sales, marketing, and product.


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