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🎧  Unlocking Entrepreneurial Resilience: Rebuilding Confidence
Podcast Sales Leadership / PodCast / Jan 14, 2024 / Posted by Coach Dan Gordon / 14

🎧 Unlocking Entrepreneurial Resilience: Rebuilding Confidence


Join John Golden in this engaging podcast episode on SalesPOP! Online Sales Magazine and Pipeline CRM as he chats with the dynamic business coach and speaker, Coach Dan Gordon. Dive into Coach Dan’s real and raw entrepreneurial journey, exploring the setbacks and triumphs, including a significant hurdle in 2016 that led to the loss of his marketing company. Coach Dan opens up about how he turned this setback into a catalyst for change, redirecting his focus to his true passion for personal development.

The conversation is a rollercoaster of insights, touching on the importance of taking risks, conquering fears, and the genuine authenticity required in sales. They delve into the transformative power of building meaningful relationships and how it was pivotal in Coach Dan’s journey.

Don’t miss Coach Dan’s invaluable advice for budding entrepreneurs, peppered with anecdotes from his podcast “For Badass Entrepreneurs Only.” This episode is a genuine and relatable exploration of the entrepreneurial world, filled with wisdom and inspiration.

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About Author

In 2016 Coach Dan Gordon made a mistake that destroyed his marketing company and cost him over $80,000. Standing at the crossroads of life, Coach Dan chose a bold new direction. Eight months later, he walked on stage, being paid $10,000 for his first professional speaking gig. Today, Coach Dan takes entrepreneurs on a journey of bold transformation. They expand their income, become powerful leaders, and enjoy life to the fullest. If you want to experience living life unlimited, then you're absolutely going to want to listen to what Coach Dan Gordon has to say.


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