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🎧  Transforming Sales: Ethics, Efficiency, and AI
Podcast Sales Performance / PodCast / Jul 8, 2024 / Posted by Mike Latch & Gregg Murphy / 6

🎧 Transforming Sales: Ethics, Efficiency, and AI


In this podcast episode of the Expert Insight Interview, host John Golden from Sales POP! Online Sales Magazine and Pipeliner CRM speak with Mike Latch and Gregg Murphy, co-authors of “Sales Sucks.” They discuss the negative perceptions of sales and the manipulative tactics often associated with it. Mike and Gregg advocate for an ethical, straightforward approach to sales. They share personal anecdotes and emphasize the importance of a structured sales process, coaching culture, and leveraging individual strengths. They also touch on the potential of AI to enhance sales training and processes, offering valuable insights into improving sales practices.

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About Author

Mike Latch- CEO of Patter AI and Co-Author of 'Sales Sucks' With over 25 years of experience in electrical engineering, physics, and sales, Mike has tapped into the unique insights of how technology and process can revolutionize sales strategy. As CEO of Patter AI, he continues to champion these revolutionary tech-driven strategies that supercharge strategic sales and has been instrumental in the extraordinary growth of several high profile companies. These methodologies are now detailed further in ‘Sales Sucks’, his newest book, co-authored by friend and colleague Gregg Murphy.   Gregg Murphy- Partner, RevoluSun Idaho and Co-Author of 'Sales Sucks' Throughout his 25+ year career in solar energy and strategic sales, Gregg has been instrumental in driving business growth and cultivating award-winning sales teams. His expertise lies in transforming strategic sales processes, recruitment strategies, and training programs to maximize team performance across various organizations. As a dedicated leader, he has guided sales teams to achieve remarkable results, earning numerous accolades and industry recognition for their excellence. Gregg's passion for unlocking people's maximum potential– and his practical approach to achieving this– are now captured in his latest book, 'Sales Sucks,' co-authored with his friend and colleague, Mike Latch."


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