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🎧 Three Actions to Bust Quota
Podcast Sales Quota / PodCast / Jun 28, 2020 / Posted by Alice Kemper / 1271

🎧 Three Actions to Bust Quota


There are a lot of people out there who might be especially nervous about hitting your quota after the shifts that COVID-19 has brought into the climate. Some of you might have been nervous about hitting your quota before the pandemic hit, and are even more nervous about it now. However, everyone has been through experiences in the past, be it something that happened on a personal level, or an unexpected change that happened on a professional level. These things can be tackled, and can be overcome, and so can the current climate. Alice Kemper, interviewed by John Golden has three tips to help you get through this pandemic world and bust your quota.

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Since 1983 Alice has been an international training solution provider as founder of Sales Training Consultants and Sales Training Werks.  Alice and her team use their exclusive 3E Sales Accelerator Method to engage, energize, and equip sales teams to sell more day-in and day-out.  Alice’s clients boast of 5-35% sales increases within the first 10 weeks from their live, virtual-live or done-for-you sales training options.


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