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🎧 The Whole Person Approach
Podcast Motivation / PodCast / Feb 14, 2020 / Posted by Ryan Paugh / 1790

🎧 The Whole Person Approach


Improving Inner AND Outer Behaviors of Salespeople

Organizations and sales teams perform better when they focus on developing the whole person of the salesperson, not just their external behaviors. Ryan Paugh, leadership coach, motivational speaker, and Head of Sales Training & Enablement at BetterUp, discusses his company’s idea of a whole-person approach. He talks about the changing buying process, new demands of salespeople, and how they can keep up. Finally, he tells us the advice he gives to organizations and salespeople on how to stand out in the market today.

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About Author

Ryan's passion has led him to BetterUp where today he is responsible for training and coaching the sales teams to become the best-in-class example of a modern sales organization.


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