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🎧  The Psychology of Sales – The Mindset Shift
Podcast Sales Technology / PodCast / Apr 20, 2021 / Posted by Nicole Laino / 1239

🎧 The Psychology of Sales – The Mindset Shift


What is the psychology of sales, and how can it help you achieve success? In this Expert Insight Interview, we welcome Nicole Laino, business coach and expert in the psychology of sales. She helps entrepreneurs adjust their mindset to break free of their limiting beliefs.

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About Author

Nicole Laino helps female entrepreneurs create a magnetic brand message and break past their limiting beliefs to achieve life-changing success. She combines proven business and marketing strategies with cutting-edge personal development techniques (NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming and RMM - the Rapid Manifestation Method which utilizes EFT (Tapping)) to help entrepreneurs tune into their authentic self, create their irresistible offer, and maintain their peak performance. 


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