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🎧  The Power of Self-Ownership in Achieving Success and Fulfillment
Podcast Motivation / PodCast / Mar 12, 2023 / Posted by Dr. Risa Ryger / 14

🎧 The Power of Self-Ownership in Achieving Success and Fulfillment


Meet Risa, a clinical psychologist, international speaker, and founder of 93% Consulting Advisory Council for Mindfulness Without Borders. She created Disruptive Self Ownership, a concept that emphasizes being true to oneself. Today, she will discuss self-ownership, the foundation of her work, and its benefits in 2023.

The Importance of Self-Ownership

Risa describes self-ownership as accepting one’s good, bad, and cringe-worthy traits. By doing so, people may employ their full talents and abilities, even those they thought were lost. Understanding and learning from past experiences build honesty and grounded boldness.

Finding one’s “superpower” is the first step to authenticity, regardless of distractions. Clarity is necessary despite self-doubt. Accepting and comprehending one’s knowledge fosters honesty, integrity, and trust, helping individuals offer their all to work and relationships.

Humans can spot fakes. Our “BS meter” may identify slight issues even if we don’t know what’s wrong. Being yourself is important, yet not being yourself causes inadequacy and sorrow. For confidence, you must grow and become an expert. Start with sincerity, integrity, and trust.

Communicating requires confidence and curiosity. Intellectual curiosity helps us communicate and connect. Integrated communication shows honesty, credibility, and trust.

Purpose, knowledge, and success may overcome imposter syndrome. Understanding our goal and talent helps us avoid distractions and define success. Neuroplasticity lets us change at any age.

Success and purpose require understanding and integrating work, personal, and self-relationships. It requires acknowledging your pleasures, challenges, and stimulants. This takes planning and implementing life’s necessities.

As a consultant and workshop leader, I help people, businesses, and institutions adapt. Ideas must be implemented. Recognizing and integrating life’s essentials can help you achieve and be happy.

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About Author

Be Heard. Be Seen. Be Valued with Dr. Risa Ryger. Clinical Psychologist, International Speaker, Founder of 93% Consulting, Advisory Council for Mindfulness Without Borders, and the Creator of Disruptive Self-OwnershipTM. “As an Expert in Change, my goal is to help people thrive at all stages of their personal and professional lives. I believe that positive change can happen at any time. Let’s start this journey together.” Dr. Ryger earned her Master of Science, Master of Philosophy, and Doctorate from Columbia University. She is the proud mother of 2 amazing daughters and lives in NY with her husband and two dogs, Penelope & Sammy - the dog who smiles.


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