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🎧  The Power of Language in Sales: A Conversation with a Sales Expert
Podcast Sales Strategy / PodCast / May 13, 2023 / Posted by Justin Moy / 26

🎧 The Power of Language in Sales: A Conversation with a Sales Expert


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Justin Moy, a successful real estate professional from Kansas City, about his approach to selling and the importance of investing in oneself to become a better salesperson. They discuss the negative stereotypes of sales and the importance of believing in the product or service being sold. Justin emphasizes the importance of creating a positive customer experience in sales and removing weak words that project doubt. They also discuss the emotional aspect of buying, particularly in B2B sales, and the fear of making a mistake. Justin concludes by discussing his current work in helping high-performing sales professionals invest passively in commercial real estate assets.

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About Author

Justin Moy helps career-driven individuals who have tapped out their earning potential reach their next realm of possibility without taking on more hours or responsibility. We’re the only apartment real estate investment company that knows every investor personally and hosts prestigious quarterly events. With passive income and tax advantages, our Realm Investors win by living a more fulfilling life sooner.


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