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🎧 The Pineapple Principle
Podcast Sales and Marketing / PodCast / Nov 4, 2019 / Posted by Annie Meehan / 2402

🎧 The Pineapple Principle


Podcast with host John Golden and guest Annie Meehan who is an inspirational Keynote Speaker, an award-winning author & Certified Coach. After 9 years climbing the ladder in corporate America, she became a serial entrepreneur – starting a speaking business, leading an AdvoCare Supplement team, writing one book and then another. She has just written a new book called ‘The Pineapple Principle’.

John and Annie talk about the following topics:

• What exactly the meaning of “The Pineapple Principle”?

• How to help people standing up and being nice to people as not everybody believes they have a crown to wear. So how to help people who don’t believe that they have a crown?

• What are some of the favorite stories of Annie Meehan from the book?

• What is the best advice to people who are in the dark? How to deal with the darkest seasons of their life like a pro?

It is a fact that you can’t be liked by everyone as it is impossible and yes, that does not make you a bad person. You need to keep on going forward in your life.

There are times when you don’ feel like doing a particular task but when you complete it, you get a really good feeling. So people need to find things like that which give them the feeling of accomplishment and prove helpful in building self-confidence.

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About Author

Annie Meehan is committed to transforming achievement from good to great by teaching people to rewrite their excuses into successful accomplishments. Speaking internationally as an expert on living an Exceptional life, she will motivate, inspire, and teach your audience to remove the roadblocks that stand in the way

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Be the Exception won the National Ben Franklin award in the category of Self-Help The intro might make you cry But the ending will leave you inspiredFor a long time, Annie Meehan felt she was worthless. She thought that she would never be able to…
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This 150-page journal makes it easy to map out your legacy. Coach, speaker and encourager, Annie Meehan, suggests you use the journal to explore your life, answering the thought-provoking questions to help you move in the right direction. Space is left for you to doodle,…
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Author Annie Meehan wants to revolutionize your life with one simple question: What does a pineapple mean to you? This book for self-transformation asks us to reconstruct our self-image with a metaphor that is approachable and uplifting. In The Pineapple Principle, Meehan shows us that…
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