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🎧 The Most Transparent Platform for Charitable Giving
Podcast Marketing / PodCast / Dec 27, 2023 / Posted by Chase Harmer / 11

🎧 The Most Transparent Platform for Charitable Giving


Ditch the Doubt, Donate with Heart: Chase Harmer and the Future of Giving

Dreading the donation black box?

Chase Harmer feels you. That’s why he built Wishes, a platform that throws open the curtains on charitable giving. Forget blurry receipts and distant causes. Wishes connect you directly to the impact you make, one transparent story at a time.

It’s not just feel-good fluff. Wishes vets every cause, tracks every dollar, and even hands recipients a virtual Mastercard. You see your generosity fuels real change, not some administrative abyss.

And it’s not just for individuals. Businesses can boost employee engagement by letting them choose causes they care about. Imagine the company culture! Plus, showcasing real impact attracts conscious customers who want their money to matter.

So ditch the guesswork and join the transparency revolution. With Wishes, giving isn’t just an act; it’s an experience. Donate with heart, know your impact, and be part of a future where generosity shines bright.

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About Author

Chase Harmer has spent 26+ years as a payments entrepreneur and was one of the pioneers of virtual credit card technology. After building several companies and creating 7 patents since 2013, Chase leverages his past successes to give back to the community and help other entrepreneurs build businesses as a lecturer and mentor at the Founders Institute.


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