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🎧  The Most Revolutionary Concept in Market Analysis: Hypernomics
Podcast Marketing / PodCast / Jan 16, 2024 / Posted by Doug Howarth / 13

🎧 The Most Revolutionary Concept in Market Analysis: Hypernomics


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Doug Howarth, the founder of HyperEconomics Inc. and author of the book “Hypernomics: Using Hidden Dimensions to Solve Unseen Problems”. They discuss the concept of hypernomics, a new approach to market analysis that explores uncharted dimensions beyond the traditional ones. Doug shares his journey of developing this concept and its application in various industries. He also shares examples of companies that have benefited from using hypernomics. The episode concludes with a discussion of Doug’s upcoming book and the offerings of HyperEconomics Inc.

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About Author

Doug Howarth's life is a story of remarkable challenges and groundbreaking discoveries. From his fascination with coordinate systems to a life-saving kidney transplant, his journey led him to uncover the concept of Hypernomics—a field that explores uncharted dimensions in market analysis. Doug founded Hypernomics Inc., developing innovative software capable of analyzing markets in four or more dimensions, and grabbing the attention of industry giants like NASA and Lockheed Martin.

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