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🎧 The Most Innovative Strategies for Healthcare Growth and Patient Engagement
Podcast Health & Wellness / PodCast / Nov 30, 2023 / Posted by Jamaul Ford / 44

🎧 The Most Innovative Strategies for Healthcare Growth and Patient Engagement


In this podcast episode, John Golden hosts Jamaul Ford, a strategic planning and innovative marketing expert. They discuss the importance of separating time and profit in healthcare, emphasizing the need for ancillary services to enhance patient care. Jamaul shares his belief in the potential of AI and virtual interactions to improve communication between healthcare providers and patients. They also highlight the importance of a quality patient-doctor relationship that extends beyond medical matters. Jamaal further discusses the role of his program, Wealth List, in connecting patients with suitable healthcare providers, aiming to increase provider revenue and improve patient care.

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About Author

Co-founder/Chief Strategy Officer of Jrumz Earwear and Director of Community Outreach at High Level Speech and Hearing Center JAMAUL FORD is a force in strategic planning and innovative marketing. His expertise spans across community outreach, health, leadership, organizational infrastructure, and strategic planning. Jamaul’s vast experience at High Level Speech and Hearing Center equipped him with a keen eye for growth, significantly benefiting clients and patients. Through innovation and strategic planning, High Level Hearing was awarded one of the top fastest-growing companies by ICIC in 2022.


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