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🎧  The Most Effective Strategies for Creating Sales Content and Closing Deals
Podcast Sales and Marketing / PodCast / Aug 27, 2023 / Posted by Martin Huntbach / 16

🎧 The Most Effective Strategies for Creating Sales Content and Closing Deals


In this podcast episode, John Golden introduces Martin Huntbach, owner of Jamie Digital, an SEO and content marketing agency. Martin and his partner Lindsay specialize in helping personal brands attract high-paying clients through effective content marketing strategies. They discuss the importance of creating sales content that helps businesses sell faster and close more deals. Martin emphasizes the need for businesses to have a clear content strategy and value proposition. They also highlight the significance of understanding the target audience and addressing their needs. Martin shares a success story and advises businesses to define their goals and tailor their content strategy accordingly. They also touch on the use of AI tools in content creation.

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About Author

Martin and Lyndsay run Jammy Digital, an award-winning SEO and content marketing agency for businesses that aren’t afraid to stand out. They do their best work with personal brands, helping them find and retain better, higher-paying clients who don’t gobble up their time like Pacman. They've also published a best-selling book - Content Fortress - that protects business owners from unnecessary stress by helping them attract their dream clients.


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