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🎧 The Most Common Sales Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Podcast Sales Leadership / PodCast / Jun 28, 2023 / Posted by David Kurkjian / 41

🎧 The Most Common Sales Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Dave Kurkjian, author of “6x: Convert More Prospects to Customers,” about the three mistakes salespeople make in the early stages of the sales cycle. The first two mistakes are sharing too much information and not being unique in the conversation. The third mistake is not focusing on the prospect’s point of view. Dave emphasizes that sales professionals need to focus on the prospect’s needs and communicate the value of their product or service in a way that is compelling and memorable. He suggests a technique called “you phrasing” to shift from your point of view to looking at the prospect’s worldview.

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About Author

David Kurkjian is a 35-year sales veteran with success in companies such as Bellsouth and CareerBuilder. Educated as an engineer he discovered the secrets to sales success by exploring behavioral psychology and the science of human decision making. In 2012 he founded MasterMessaging to help clients increase their revenue by mastering the ability to elevate their value. He also enjoys running barefoot, biking, and spending time with his wife, four grown children, and seven grandkids. His new book is 6X: Convert More Prospects to Customers.

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