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🎧  The Importance of Prioritizing Employee Well-Being in the Workplace
Podcast Health & Wellness / PodCast / Mar 18, 2023 / Posted by Lori Vann / 27

🎧 The Importance of Prioritizing Employee Well-Being in the Workplace


Stress promotes short-term problem-solving. Stress affects the brain, body, and mind. Many ignore stress and burnout indicators. Emotional and physical health may affect the company’s finances. Training leaders and manufacturing employees’ stress management can enhance loyalty and efficiency.

Job Satisfaction

Well-being-focused workplaces maintain talent and productivity. Money-driven firms may collapse. Millennials choose organizations that care about their mental and physical health. The epidemic raised awareness of work-life balance, making work dedication difficult. For long-term profitability and a healthy workplace, firms must care for employees’ emotional and physical health.

Communicating and Inventing

Managers and workers must collaborate. C-suite transparency may help personnel comprehend decisions. Management should consider employee concerns and concessions. Creativity and cooperation transform. Anonymous questionnaires may enable shy workers to criticize the organization.

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About Author

International speaker, media guest, and 5-time author, Lori Vann is a highly regarded mental health expert. As an authority on Non-Suicidal Self-Injury, she has been on a mission since 2000 to turn the tide on this international epidemic through NSSI support groups and the Self-Injury Prevention & Intervention Program (SIPIP) for treatment centers and schools that is part of the Institute for Non-Suicidal Self-injury. Her next two books will be on the topic of perfectionism with plans to develop a training program. As a coach for mental health practitioners, she enjoys passing along over twenty years of wisdom to save other counselors years of frustration and tens of thousands of dollars in missteps. All of Lori's services can be found at


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