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🎧 The Importance of Finding Your Soul-Driven “Why”
Podcast Health & Wellness / PodCast / Mar 30, 2023 / Posted by Linda Deir / 35

🎧 The Importance of Finding Your Soul-Driven “Why”


In this podcast, author, coach, and trainer Linda Deir discusses her “why” and spirit guide assistance with John Golden. Linda says many lose their mission in life by concentrating too much on monetary accomplishment and not enough on their soul-driven why. She thinks people’s thoughts are against them because they don’t know why. Linda suggests her guided journey program, a self-directed therapy service that takes clients via guide insights and channeling. She discusses writing to connect with spirit guides and realize one’s destiny.

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About Author

Linda’s perspective on the current direction of the world, the planet, and our dumbing-down and increasing ignorance of our society – a situation she verbalizes well and follows that with a cautionary plea to tune into our guides to get us through this increasingly mad merry-go-round that is life. The first time Linda dared to tell her true story was when she wrote and published, GUIDED … a riveting testament to survival in the face of insurmountable odds by overcoming fear. This empowered Linda to achieve far more than even she imagined, knowing she was being guided.

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Linda Deir knows all about how to Live a Guided Life. She "crawled her talk" long before she could "walk it." Her flagship best-selling book, GUIDED, details her true life story and how she made the connection with intelligent beings from other realms starting as…
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Linda Deir's flagship best-selling book, GUIDED, details her true life story and how she made the connection with "intelligent beings" from other realms starting as a baby. Working as a group, these loving Spirit Guide Angels buffered her from unimaginable abuse as a child and…
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Comments (2)


Ray Holley commented...

Being a Corporate guy myself, listening to John interview Linda was refreshing because he sees that there’s another world besides the corporate world. Great podcast, I learned a lot!


John commented...

Thanks Ray – we really appreciate the feedback!

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