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🎧 The Importance of Authentic Brand Storytelling in a Post-Pandemic World
Podcast Sales and Marketing / PodCast / Apr 8, 2023 / Posted by David Fischette / 83

🎧 The Importance of Authentic Brand Storytelling in a Post-Pandemic World


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews David Fache, founder and CEO of Go West Creative, about the importance of brand storytelling in marketing. David emphasizes the need for brands to be authentic and express who they are in a way that draws people to them. He explains that brand storytelling is the key to creating a connection with the audience and making the brand sticky. They also discuss the challenge of communicating a brand’s message to a diverse audience with different communication preferences and the importance of aligning the brand’s values with its actions. David shares his experience in helping major brands communicate their message to key stakeholders and how Go West Creative evolved into a creative agency that helps clients tell their stories through various mediums.

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About Author

David is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Creative at Go West Creative (GWC), an industry-leading marketing agency specializing in bringing brand stories to life through unparalleled live, virtual, and hybrid experiences. Because there is such power in the ability to motivate emotions and actions through live events and original content, GWC are often asked to work with sales teams to help them envision the tangible benefits of success for themselves and for their organizations. They've helped hundreds of organizations, including giants like the United Nations, HP, Deloitte, CVS, SalesForce, DuPont, Petco, Inspire Brands, Farmers, Aetna, and Sonic, effectively communicate their message to key stakeholders. GWC has also won dozens of awards, including Special Event Magazine's "Top 50 Events Companies," Event Marketer Magazine's "Top 100 It List for Event Agencies," and Expertise's "Best Branding Agencies in Nashville." David has 38+ years of experience helping big global brands in telling their stories so they can better relate to their target audiences and motivate them to take action. He is a highly respected and sought-after Executive Producer and Director, both in Live Events and Film Productions. Additionally, he has produced live performances by Blake Shelton, John Legend, Sheryl Crow, Bebe Rexha, Jay Leno, Earth, Wind & Fire, Chicago, Josh Groban, and other top artists. David was also the Executive Producer for season 4 of the Emmy Award Winning show, My Generation.


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