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🎧  The Impact of AI on Sales Enablement: A Game Changer?
Podcast Sales Performance / PodCast / May 31, 2023 / Posted by Taft Love / 29

🎧 The Impact of AI on Sales Enablement: A Game Changer?


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Taft Love about Rev Ops, its definition, and its importance in today’s business world. They discuss the challenges of centralizing functions that traditionally belong to departments, the importance of customer experience, and the role of systems in Rev Ops. They also discuss the impact of technology on Rev Ops strategy and sales enablement, the role of AI in sales, and the importance of filtering out noise and focusing on quality over quantity. Overall, the discussion highlights the importance of using AI and other tools to enhance the effectiveness of salespeople and focus on high-value activities.

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About Author

Taft Love is a former police officer and federal investigator turned sales operations leader. Taft has built sales, sales development, and operations teams for high-growth startups like PandaDoc, SmartRecruiters, DocSend. Today, Taft leads sales teams at Dropbox, while also advising and sitting on the board of Iceberg RevOps, a RevOps consulting firm he founded to serve high-growth start-ups. Taft spends his free time with his wife and son, as well as flying his plane on volunteer missions to help people in need get care.


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