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🎧  The Gender Gap in Sales: Challenges and Solutions
Podcast Business Culture / PodCast / Jun 8, 2023 / Posted by Kelley O'Keeffe / 16

🎧 The Gender Gap in Sales: Challenges and Solutions


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Kelly, an entrepreneur focused on gender equality and revenue generation, about improving the numbers of millennial females in sales leadership. They discuss the challenges faced by women in sales, the role of sales leadership, and the traits that female sales leaders bring to the table. They also touch upon the lack of clarity on promotion criteria for women and the need for empathy and accessibility of tools to improve their numbers. The conversation is focused on gender equality and revenue generation in the sales industry. Kelly also talks about her company, Empowered Engagement, which advises CEOs on how to be more gender-inclusive and provides a mini sales MBA course for women and those looking to uplevel their skillset in sales leadership.

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About Author

Kelley O’Keeffe is an Entrepreneur focused on gender equality in revenue generation. Data shows that when women thrive economically as entrepreneurs and rise as leaders in business, this results in our communities thriving both economically and from a social responsibility perspective. Kelley's background includes working for technology firms IBM, Gartner and growing nearly 15% of her company’s total annual revenue, as leader of a 300-person global sales team in her corporate career.


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