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🎧  The Future of Sales: How AI is Transforming the Industry
Podcast Sales Performance / PodCast / May 17, 2023 / Posted by Ryan Staley / 17

🎧 The Future of Sales: How AI is Transforming the Industry


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Ryan Staley about the use of AI in sales and marketing. Ryan shares his experience with AI and how it can be used tactically and from a management perspective to get rid of time-consuming tasks and allow salespeople to focus on more high-value activities. He emphasizes the importance of understanding and owning the technical and business use case components of AI and warns that companies that don’t embrace AI will get replaced by those who do. John and Ryan agree that AI is a disruptive technology that companies need to be aware of to avoid being left behind.

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About Author

Ryan Staley is the Founder and CEO of Whale Boss where he helps Technology Founders grow from $1M-$30M through the principles he used to achieve the same results personally. Ryan Has taught over 800 CROs, VPs, or Leaders his proprietary Enterprise Sales frameworks for startups and companies like Google, Amazon Web Services, Stripe, Salesforce, Uber, etc.


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