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🎧 The Customer Success Bow Tie
Podcast Customer Experience / PodCast / Jun 28, 2020 / Posted by Donna Weber / 1740

🎧 The Customer Success Bow Tie


Customer success is a vital, yet often overlooked part of keeping and growing a business. All too often, companies struggle with onboarding and engaging their clients in a way that gives the customer maximum value. You put so much work into developing a great product or service, a ton of time and effort into marketing and talking to potential customers and clients, and highlighting how what you offer can meet a need, but the ball gets dropped when it comes to keeping and maintaining customers and getting them to renew with you. The customer success bow tie is made up of two parts, the buyer’s journey, and the customer’s journey. Together, the bow tie holds the key to customer success, customer retention, customer renewals, and ultimately more revenue for your organization. Donna Weber explains the customer success bow tie and how to implement it in this expert sales podcast interview, hosted by John Golden.

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About Author

Donna is President of Springboard Solutions, where she helps high growth companies create customers. She uses proven frameworks to delight your customers and to scale Customer Success, customer onboarding, and customer enablement getting everyone to value quickly.

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