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🎧  The Best Possible Post-Purchase Experience and Get Extra Sales
Podcast Sales and Marketing / PodCast / Oct 9, 2022 / Posted by Irina Poddubnaia / 25

🎧 The Best Possible Post-Purchase Experience and Get Extra Sales


Today’s guest in the Expert Insight Interview is Irina Poddubnaia. She is the founder of TrackMage. She is an agile leader, change maker, and visionary. She helps customers to get information about their order and provide them with an opportunity to buy again. Irina and Our host John Golden discuss “how to create the best possible post-purchase experience and get extra sales.”

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About Author

Irina is a SAAS founder and a business consultant who specializes in Operations and Processes Optimization. Irina has a lot of experience in eCommerce over 8 years with its different challenges and obstacles, from running a fulfilment center in China where she was living for over 2 years to launching her own software TrackMage TrackMage allows eCommerce stores to have 5-10% extra sales by simplifying the customer experience. It allows them to track their products on the platform and do the upsell then automatic follow-ups for reviews.


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