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🎧  The 1080 Ten Principle and Public Speaking Advantages
Podcast Marketing / PodCast / Mar 12, 2023 / Posted by Sunjay Nath / 18

🎧 The 1080 Ten Principle and Public Speaking Advantages


Sonjay is a well-known speaker and author in the field of leadership performance. During his career, he has won many awards, and he was even put into the Canadian Speaker’s Hall of Fame. Sonjay began his international speaking business at the young age of 19 and has been making an impact ever since.

One of Sonjay’s most notable contributions to the world of leadership is his book, the 1080 Ten Principles. This book combines the best ways to be a leader with the power of small wins to help people and teams make steady progress toward their goals.

Sonjay’s unique way of looking at leadership has made him a very popular speaker on the subject. His presentations are interesting and useful, and they motivate people to improve their leadership skills and reach their full potential. Sonjay is a real expert in the field of leadership performance. He knows a lot about it and has a lot of experience.

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About Author

Sunjay Nath is an internationally renowned speaker who travels globally sharing insights on leadership and performance. As a speaker, in 2005, Sunjay became the youngest Canadian and third youngest in the world to earn his CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and in 2018 Sunjay was inducted in the Canadian Speakers Hall of Fame. He started an international speaking business at 19 years of age; he wasn’t even old enough to rent a car. He is the author of several books including The 10-80-10 Principle. Sunjay holds an undergraduate degree in Mathematical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration.


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