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🎧  Taming the Sabertooth: Resilient Leadership in a Stressful World
Podcast Leadership / PodCast / Oct 11, 2020 / Posted by Tracey Grove / 1450

🎧 Taming the Sabertooth: Resilient Leadership in a Stressful World

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We cannot control or stop some things from happening, but we can choose how we want to deal with them. So, in today’s Expert insight Interview, we talk with Tracey Grove about resilient leadership in testing situations and her new book Taming the Sabertooth.

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About Author

Tracey Grove is an internationally recognized resilience expert, author, speaker, and coach, guiding individuals and organizations to achieve optimal resilience. She’s the owner of Pure Symmetry Coaching and Consulting, where she helps her clients with executive communications, personal brand development, public speaking, and becoming better leaders.

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In 'Taming the Sabertooth', we are reminded that while we cannot necessarily change our environment, we do have the power to shift our response to that environment by building resilience.
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johndbeloved Imudia-Omoregbe commented...

Insightful real life core truth from Tracey Grove.
Life and work is hard and it takes courage and grace to face and flourish in it. Building your muscles regardless of the situation you are find yourself in, is primarily your mindset, focusing on optimism and how you control your response to those circumstances.

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