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🎧  Shift Your Mindset: The Key to Success in Sales
Podcast Sales Performance / PodCast / Feb 28, 2023 / Posted by Aaron Martinez / 34

🎧 Shift Your Mindset: The Key to Success in Sales


Salespeople and entrepreneurs need sales. Sales? Salespeople are seen as aggressive and greedy. False. Mental change sells. We’ll show you how problem-solving and product confidence may help you sell.


Businesspeople benefited. Pushy sales fail. Clients learn problem-solving. Ethical companies solve issues. Solving problems makes selling easier.


Selling requires problem-solving. before selling. This question determines product value. Product knowledge simplifies sales. Better than writing is believing your product will improve someone’s life.


Believe it? Trial or discount. Developing customers and prospects boost confidence. Your motivations. Without an objective, outreach and cold calls struggle. To keep motivated, write about your progress, what you can improve, and your goal every day. Reverse engineering and step-by-step analysis may aid everyday objectives.
Software, real estate, insurance, and mortgage sales are competitive. These fields seldom succeed. Sales demand perseverance. AI may aid sales.


Mentoring boosts sales. Mentors teach. Remote employees require community and accountability. Unsupervised remote work distracts. Hold people responsible to attain objectives. With patience, dedication, and direction, anybody can sell.

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About Author

Aaron Martinez started his online journey in 2013 when he began uploading tutorials/content about video games to YouTube. There he found his passion for content creation, which he still uses today to take on the world of sales. Aaron owned his first digital marketing agency and grew it to $80,000 a month in a little under a year. However, because it was his first business, he was unaware of how an actual business should be run! A mentor reached out one day asking if he wanted to come on board a new venture and pivot to working in sales full-time. Aaron has been able to produce over $250k per month in revenue consistently in his new role. Now, he not only sells but is the face of the ‘Remote Closing Academy!’


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