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🎧 SEO Still About Backlinks? Landscape of SEO Strategies
Podcast Marketing / PodCast / Dec 4, 2023 / Posted by AJ Silber / 50

🎧 SEO Still About Backlinks? Landscape of SEO Strategies


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews AJ Silber, founder of Small Business Bonfire. They discuss the evolution of SEO, emphasizing the shift from backlink reliance to building topical relevance and E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust). Silver predicts Google will prioritize content based on the author’s experience and expertise. They also discuss the rise of AI-generated content and the need for high-quality, diverse content formats. Silver encourages small businesses to experiment with content and voice and to build a personal brand. They also touch on the importance of SEO and ads as marketing strategies. The episode concludes with a mention of Podcast Bookers, a platform connecting guests with podcast opportunities.

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About Author

AJ grew The Guerrilla Agency into the leading SEO agency in Minneapolis, and within 4 short years, he turned that venture into a multi-million dollar exit. Now, he’s turned his sights on applying those same innovative agency systems and processes to his latest venture, Small Business Bonfire: a company focused on helping entrepreneurs start & scale their businesses through free resources, actionable articles, and low-cost courses. When AJ isn’t grinding it out on his laptop (and drinking gratuitous amounts of caffeine), he enjoys riding his Harley, doing snow sports, and spending time with his friends and family.


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