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🎧 Selling in a High Tech World
Podcast Prospecting / PodCast / Jan 31, 2020 / Posted by Frank Somma / 1544

🎧 Selling in a High Tech World


Podcast interview consisting of the popular sales expert and motivational speaker; Frank Somma. Frank and host John Golden discuss the essential topics i.e. the concept of b2b sales.

You will get answers to a number of questions like:

• How to take advantage of technology to maximize your sales!
• What are some of the ways that you can actually overcome your limitations and what people should do differently to enhance their sales growth!
• How personal engagement can affect your overall sales!

Interacting with the customers effectively can make a real difference in your final outcomes. People love to be with you if you interact with them properly. This is how you can maximize your sales as well as the profits.

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About Author

As a sales speaker and trainer, my sales talks are based on the idea that better communication equals stronger sales. In an Amazonian world where one can practically point and click to buy a luxury yacht, I teach salespeople the skills they need to differentiate themselves and build long term loyalty.

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Selling is an art and a science. This book brings you both! Frank Somma has written a virtual step by step manual for sales managers, sales teams, business owners, and solopreneurs who want to create instant rapport, spike sales and cement long-term customer loyalty.
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