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🎧 Sales Training for a Transforming Market
Podcast / PodCast / Dec 21, 2019 / Posted by Richard Ruff, Ph.D. / 1559

🎧 Sales Training for a Transforming Market


Our next podcast interviewing Dr. Richard Ruff who has spent the last thirty years designing and managing sales training projects for Fortune 1000 companies. These projects have varied in scope from targeted sales training efforts for launching new products to large-scale sales training performance engagements with organizations like UPS and Smith & Nephew.

Here we will be talking about the following queries:

• What is the meaning of Level Five Selling?

• Sales training is something to which people look at all the time. How the landscape change in the way that the traditional sales training doesn’t work or meet the needs of the modern seller anymore!

• What is the exact meaning of coaching in a sales management sense? A lot of training in the past is being set up assuming that all selling is done face-to-face as it used to be but the reality is that’s not the case anymore. Nowadays, a lot of selling is done online. Hence using technology to coach is a good idea as a lot of salespeople are using technology to sell and a lot of sales training isn’t really adapted to that chair. What are Richard’s views on the same?

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About Author

Richard Ruff has spent the last thirty years designing and managing large-scale sales training projects for Fortune 1000 companies. Best-selling author of Sales Training Connection blog. He founded Sales Momentum, designs new-generation sales training programs focused on high-impact business results.

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