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🎧 Sales Teams Managing The Sales Manager
Podcast Sales Motivation / PodCast / May 20, 2020 / Posted by Dr. Janice Presser / 1881

🎧 Sales Teams Managing The Sales Manager


How do you manage your manager? Managing upwards is one of the most underrated, yet critical skills that you can have as a frontline salesperson. It can make your direct report happier and calmer, which will, in turn, make your job easier, more peaceful, and better overall. Especially during the current crisis, sales managers are more stressed-out than ever, and might be extra emotional right now. Being proactive can help you to manage that interaction, and interactions in the future. Dr. Janice Presser discusses how to manage your sales manager in this expert sales podcast interview, hosted by John Golden.

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About Author

Dr. Janice Presser is a PhD Systems Scientist, CEO of Teaming Science. While psychologists generally focus on traits, Dr. Janice spent her formative research years asking a fundamental question: how do people team together? And she found the answers in systems theory.

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