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🎧 Sales Success: The Power of Relationships
Podcast Customer Experience / PodCast / Mar 13, 2024 / Posted by Mark Phillips / 15

🎧 Sales Success: The Power of Relationships


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Mark Phillips about the critical role of relationships in sales and recruiting. They emphasize that complex sales hinge on solid relationships, not just transactional interactions. They discuss the evolution of sales methodologies and the importance of trust and problem-solving in building long-term partnerships. The conversation also covers the challenges of virtual workforces and AI, underscoring the need for authenticity and sincere connections in a digital business landscape. Mark advocates investing in relationships to navigate the changes brought by technology and virtual environments successfully.

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About Author

Mark is the Founder and Board Chair of HireEducation. He supports his team to build authentic and inclusive partnerships for Education companies that work directly with Early Childhood, K12, and Higher Education, and Workforce organizations. He's been recruiting since the late 90s before transitioning into Education and is happy to spend his time coaching his team and working on strategic projects to continuing to expand the business!


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