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🎧 Sales Process Saved a Struggling Software Company
Podcast Sales Technology / PodCast / Nov 18, 2023 / Posted by Andrew Swiler / 16

🎧 Sales Process Saved a Struggling Software Company


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Andrew Swiler about his experience acquiring and transforming a software company. Andrew shares the challenges he faced, including a sales team resistant to change and lacking modern sales tactics. He discusses the importance of a strong sales process and the need for adaptability. Andrew also shares his approach to rebuilding the sales team, emphasizing the importance of honesty, integrity, and curiosity. The conversation touches on the gender imbalance in the industry, the need for authenticity in sales, and the shift towards more human-centric selling. Andrew also provides insights about his company’s focus on compliance, security, and integration with Microsoft products.

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About Author

Andrew Swiler has been an entrepreneur for 10 years across software and e-commerce. He is a strategic entrepreneur and investor. He is currently the CEO of Lanteria is a leading HR software suite for Microsoft users.


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