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🎧  Sales Messaging – Why It Fails and How to fix It
Podcast Sales Tools / PodCast / Nov 23, 2022 / Posted by Tim Pollard / 22

🎧 Sales Messaging – Why It Fails and How to fix It


Tim Pollard is today’s Expert Insight Interview guest. He is the founder and CEO of Oratium, Speaker, and Author of “The Compelling Communicator” and “Mastering the Moment.” He is a specialist in a very high level of communication skills. He has a profound experience in both doing and teaching oral communication, with a particular emphasis on message architecture. Tim and Our host John Golden discuss Sales messaging – Why it fails and how to fix it?

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About Author

For leaders, communication has always been as critical as it is challenging. And in today’s turbulent world with so many contentious issues to navigate, (and a virtual environment now to master) the challenges have been significantly amplified. Tim Pollard, CEO of Oratium, helps equip leaders to tell their story in a powerful and compelling way, in the certain knowledge that extraordinary messaging leads to extraordinary outcomes.

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