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🎧 Sales Coaching
Podcast Sales Management / PodCast / Nov 20, 2019 / Posted by Matthew McDarby / 2198

🎧 Sales Coaching


In the last decade, many things have changed about sales coaching and how to apply it correctly to get useful results. One thing that has mostly stayed the same is that there are lots of methodologies out there. What’s different, however, is the degree of integration of these methodologies. Salespeople and reps learn the methods, but then they quickly go by the wayside without reinforcement and encouragement from the sales managers. Listen in as host John Golden sits down with Matt Darby, founder of United Sales Resources, to discuss the art of sales coaching.

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About Author

Matt is founder of  United Sales Resources and Managing Director at Specialized Sales System, a sales performance company focused on sales management coaching and specialized sales system development. He is the author of The Cadence of Excellence and many sales white papers and advisory briefs.

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