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🎧  Revenue Intelligence
Podcast Leadership / PodCast / Jan 11, 2023 / Posted by Mona Akmal / 22

🎧 Revenue Intelligence


Mona Akmal is CEO and Co-founder at Falkon AI, a product and engineering veteran, helping companies build resource-driven teams. From beginning as a software developer at Microsoft to being the CEO of the number one GTM intelligence tool, she has gained her expertise with time and patience. She has worked with Microsoft, Amperity,, and Zulily and raised 0 to 11 million with ARR in 15 household brands. Today, John and Mona Akmal will discuss “revenue intelligence” in this expert insight interview.

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About Author

Falkon CEO and Co-founder Mona Akmal is a product and engineering veteran who builds resourceful,
kind, and output-driven teams that create and scale success-enabling products. With a passion for crafting elegant solutions to technically difficult problems, she has grown teams, businesses, and many products at Microsoft, Amperity,, and Zulily.


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