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🎧 Reclaiming Balance: A Journey Through Burnout to Self-Discovery
Podcast Health & Wellness / PodCast / May 1, 2024 / Posted by Eric Recker / 24

🎧 Reclaiming Balance: A Journey Through Burnout to Self-Discovery


In this insightful conversation, a remarkable individual, Eric Recher.  He is a dentist, husband, father, speaker, coach, author, pilot, and mountain climber – shares his profound journey through severe burnout to self-discovery and balance. After nearly walking away from his dental practice due to immense stress, a pivotal moment led him to find a partner, allowing him to heal and grow.

The discussion explores the toxic culture celebrating busyness, the importance of intentional self-awareness through practices like daily quiet reflection, and the concept of living presently by finding daily wins. Negative influences like social media and maintaining energy balance are examined. The guest offers a free “Knockback Burnout Challenge” and a program based on “winning the now” to help others combat burnout and lead more intentional, fulfilling lives.

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About Author

Dr Eric Recker is a dentist, husband, father, keynote speaker, Elite Success Coach, author, pilot, mountain climber, and recovering triathlete. In his second half of life, he is committed to helping people shorten the distance to becoming their best version and learning to #WINtheNOW


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