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🎧  Recessions and Sales Professionals’ Mental Health
Podcast Sales Motivation / PodCast / Mar 2, 2023 / Posted by Violet Rainwater / 23

🎧 Recessions and Sales Professionals’ Mental Health


Meet Violet, a sales consultant, and speaker who’s on a mission to revolutionize the corporate landscape by debunking traditional sales methodologies. Violet is known for her creative and fun way of teaching leaders and salespeople how to improve their sales performance quickly and easily. She was just featured in Forbes.

Violet is an expert in her field, so she has given her signature framework to companies all over the country. This gives sales teams the tools they need to be successful in any economy. Violet’s latest project looks at how mental health and sales are related at a time when the market is going through a correction.

Violet knows the unique problems salespeople face, since they are often the first to feel the effects of a market drop. Salespeople are under a lot of pressure to do well because their income is unpredictable and there are a lot of risks involved. This makes them the “canary in the coal mine.” Violet’s work helps sales teams navigate these challenges and build resilience for long-term success.

Violet is making a big difference in the business world with her creative approach to sales and her dedication to mental health. Her goal to improve the lives of both salespeople and leaders is an inspiration for anyone who wants to do well in a business world that changes quickly.

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About Author

Violet Rainwater is on a mission to debunk old sales methodologies while teaching a fun and innovative approach to moving the needle in the new corporate landscape. Recently featured in Forbes, Violet has brought her signature framework to companies all over the country while teaching leaders and salespeople how they themselves can face the future with greater efficiency and ease. She is known for her contagious enthusiasm for driving business as well as her business savviness from 25 years in the sales trenches.


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