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🎧 Radical Value – Elevate The Value Of Your Company & Career
Podcast Sales / PodCast / Mar 31, 2020 / Posted by Mark Boundy / 1617

🎧 Radical Value – Elevate The Value Of Your Company & Career

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All organizations want to elevate their business. Taking things to the next level and continuing growth is vital for long term company success. One of the ways that you can elevate your business is by unleashing the power of customer-centricity and unlocking customer perceived value. The customer is at the core of the organization, and what they want and need is a driving force behind closing deals and making more sales. Mark Boundy discusses how to elevate your business using customer centricity and customer perceived value in this expert sales interview hosted by John Golden.

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Business builder, Sales leader, author, coach, consultant, teacher…Chief Clarity Officer…Mark Boundy has grown businesses in a variety of industries by virtue of his relentless focus on uncovering customer value and delivering high-value results.

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"Radical Value" breaks through the confusing tangle of sales performance solutions available today. There’s radical simplicity, and radical power, in focusing everything your company does on customer value. "Radical Value" doesn’t stop at high-level theory, but provides intuitive, easy-to-implement tools that should integrate into your…
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Olayemi Bamidele commented...

This is awesome, Pipeliner is one of the best CRM i had ever seen.

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