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🎧 Overcoming Obstacles and Accelerating Success


CEO Jefferson Rogers shares the story of overcoming addiction and obstacles to build his replacement window business, JC Windows, into a thriving $40 million company. Learn key lessons on getting unstuck and accelerating your success through self-reflection, surrounding yourself with positive change agents, clearly defining your core values and mission, and taking proactive measures.

Main focus areas:

  • Jefferson Rogers’ story
  • Addiction/obstacles to success
  • Lessons on getting unstuck
  • Defining values/mission
  • Proactive change
  • Growing a $40M business

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About Author

Jefferson K. Rogers is the founder and CEO of JKR Windows. In its first five years as a company, JKR Windows has brought in over $40 million in revenue and is now approaching 100 employees. Jefferson achieved success after overcoming a two-decade-long struggle with alcoholism and addiction, a journey that he shares candidly on his podcast, in interviews, and on Instagram. He constantly pushes himself to learn new things, living in the area where discomfort meets growth. Jefferson has trained as a pilot, won physique and motocross competitions, and is a successful real estate investor. He’s also a sought-after business advisor and speaker. His greatest source of pride comes from being a husband to Shandell and dad to his three stellar kids. Jefferson’s book, ALL IN: Get Unstuck, Accelerate, and Go Further Faster, just launched on October 31st, 2023.


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