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🎧  Navigating the Sales Industry – Insights from a Sales Pro
Podcast Sales Performance / PodCast / Jun 16, 2024 / Posted by Kristie Jones / 10

🎧 Navigating the Sales Industry – Insights from a Sales Pro


In this podcast episode, John Golden and Kristie Jones delve into the nuances of a career in sales. Christy, an experienced sales coach and author, emphasizes the importance of intentional career choices and self-awareness for sales professionals. They discuss the pitfalls of accidental careers in sales and the common issue of unprepared individuals being promoted to management. Christy advises salespeople to identify their unique strengths and seek roles that align with their passions, rather than conforming to traditional paths. The conversation also covers the necessity of personal development and the value of understanding the complex nature of managing people. Christy shares insights from her work with startups and offers interim sales leadership. The episode ends with a recommendation for Christy’s book and services.

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About Author

Kristie, author of “Selling Your Way IN”, is a speaker, coach, and sales process consultant. Companies hire Kristie to elevate their sales organization because most sales leaders and professionals are discouraged and frustrated about anemic pipelines, low close rates, and missed targets. Kristie’s willingness to get her hands dirty and her “take no prisoners” approach when helping companies drive more revenue from their Sales and Customer Success teams is what makes her so valuable to her clients. Her mission is helping companies find top talent as well as creating a sales accountability culture to ensure revenue growth. Kristie is passionate about coaching sales teams to leverage their superpowers to reach their full potential, and she wants representatives and sales leaders to identify and embody the practices and characteristics of Top Ten Percent achievers.


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